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Which one is the best marketing tool?

Here it is decided, today you crossed the road and decided to become webmaster, web entrepreneur, training salesman, webmarketing preacher…and your frst question will be : or Clickfunnels ?!!

And the first stone to the obstacle immediately comes to stand before you:

– which webmarketing tool to choose to launch your online business?
– do I have to set up a site myself?
– turn to an all-in-one tool?
– what are the rates?
– with which one will I have a feeling?

Here is a small objective help to the decision between two big heavyweights: Click Funnel, straight from the kings of American webmarketing VS System.Io, go out from across the Atlantic with his small French accent. 

Let’s start the match vs Click Funnels !


Settle down, make your bets and collect your winnings at the end of the article!

Click Funnels: The big One !!

In 2014, Todd Dickerson and Russel Brunson decided to join forces to produce what would become the historical leader of the all-in-one tool in the world of web marketing.

No need to search too long on Google to realize that with its 2 million sales tunnels and 70,000 users (2019), we have THE most used solution in the world.

Click Funnels can be described as the journey a customer makes when he arrives on a site to make his purchase. This sales tunnel principle aims to maximise the purchasing act between entering the tunnel and its sales purpose.

With Click Funnels, you have access to a range of complex and extremely complete functionalities, with, of course, the creation of front-line sales tunnels. You will thus have direct access to a catalogue of ready-to-use sales tunnels (templates), in order to familiarize yourself with this notion of importance in e-commerce. Finally, based on your experience, you can give free rein to your imagination when it comes to building your own tunnels.

Although complex, the mental process of creating a sales tunnel is simplified by the Click Funnels editor, which is intuitive and easy to use.

Clickfunnels also allows you to create and sell online training courses, automate your website, create affiliate links, integrate a payment system, broadcast webinars, etc.

Click Funnels is the MacGyver of the tools necessary to launch and manage your website.

However, like any quality tool, this one comes at a price. Two options are available to you:

– an entry-level (Startup) at $97 allowing you to create 20 sales tunnels, 100 pages and 20,000 visitors for your site.
– a premium (Full version) at $297, with unlimited sales tunnels, unlimited pages, unlimited visitors as well as an autoresponder and the possibility to create your own affiliate programs.

To get started and get started on this platform, you have a 14-days trial period on all features.

Feel free to make your own opinion on what Click Funnels can offer. If this is convenient for you, you will only have to choose the subscription required for your site: beginner or advanced !


After presenting the heavyweight in all categories, let’s turn to the French challenger (available in English)

Systè, the French outsider !!

2017 is the year of birth of Systè, created by webmarketeer Aurélien Amacker.

After the Click Funnels, Learnybox, etc… is the latest all-in-one solution that the market has produced to satisfy the management of its online business

Here again, everything is concentrated in one and the same platform:

– creation of a sales tunnel,
– web marketing automation,
– management of payment methods with the integration of Paypal, Stripe, etc…
– possibility of creating your own affiliate programs
– webinar creation
– online training sales.

Yes, a complete solution in one package!

Just like its competitor, is provided with templates to help you create your own sales tunnels, capture pages, purchase pages, etc….

Nothing has been forgotten, not even the 14-day trial and the affordable prices 😊 !!

Here too, you can choose between two monthly subscription packages:
– the first at $27 per month (also called Startup), will allow you to use all the features offered, with the small exception of webinar automation. Another limitation, you can’t have more than 5000 email contacts….which is still a good email base for a beginner site.
– The second formula at $47 (Webinar) opens the doors to unconditional access to all the features of…for 5 websites.

I will still mention the Enterprise package at $97 for those who want to benefit from everything for everything: all the features of Systè for an unlimited number of sites!

Note that in terms of rates, the most expensive Enterprise package of is at the same rate as the basic one of Click Funnels….ca gives a small advantage!

Advantage multiplied by the cash back offered by, namely 20% of your monthly subscription in cash back, ( up to 2 months paid back for one year of subscription).

Create a funnel
Click Funnels highlights :

Clcik Funnels has 5 years of user experience with (only 2 years)
Clickfunnels is still considered to this day as THE most complete marketing solution for creating sales tunnels and automating its marketing. Clcik Funnels has a larger number of templates for creating sales tunnels than

Another strong point: the creative tools are also at the forefront.

As for webinars, Systè only offers a deferred broadcast of them, while Click Funnels does it live.

Clearly Click Funnels is more advanced and successful than Systè, however the question of the monthly subscription fee remains a disadvantage for it.


Although some features are less advanced than Clickfunnels, the fact remains that the French platform (available in English) has many advantages.

Thus, it remains simple to use with an ergonomics that allows any beginner to offer quality sales tunnels.

Finally, the main advantage of Systè (at the risk of repeating myself) lies in the price of its monthly subscription. These very affordable rates will allow you to get into the world of website design and make your first sales.

Feel free to combine this asset with the cash-back offer on 20% of your monthly subscription paid back.
It is difficult to separate these two marketing tools, but the big winner for us is

Time to choose beetwen or Clickfunnels !!

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