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How Selz works…better, simpler than Shopify?

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How SELZ works ? SELZ for Worpress is a service that I love especially, it will allow you to sell physical products, digital training or activation codes for services or subscriptions in a few clicks and without to know coding

The thing is that you can obtain a button that you will be able to integrate in your landing pages or inside your mailing to charge directly the customer with his card blue or with paypal.

So howSELZ  works? Lets start with your inscription!

Inscription to Selz


It will ask you for your name, business, what will you do, etc. after filling in all the fields, this is where the analysis begins.

What’s interesting? First of all, it’s super clean! You have the left side that goes allow you to influence on the part on your right, and if you have an answer, Selz responds very quickly to his clients.

Its a really beautiful interface, with your Dashboard on the left, that goes allow you to follow your sales and doing some major actions. So, how SELZ works ?


Presentation page of Selz


You have the Analytics, really interesting because you will be able

  • to see your sales,
  • what did you do such and such day in sales type,
  • knowing your sales per day,
  • the averages,
  • if you had sent automatically relaunch of abandoned shopping baskets
  • see where your customers come from
  • where they are located
  • if you have a nice conversion rate on the product institutes
  • etc..


Analytics page of Selz


It’s very simple but in the end it’s almost all you need!

You will manage your orders in the order part you can explore it.

Items! That’s important, it is your products that you will create we’ll see that together.

Category, lets say you make t-shirts, you go create a t-shirt category with t-shirt objects in, it’s not a concern…

Manage your customers & manage codes of reduction, which is great too.

You, also, can open your own store! In fact, when you create your Self, you have a choice about shops pages with style and a demonstration of your products and you can open a real store Selz, that frankly, has a lot more mouth that what we can find in a generally on Shopify store

A great benefit of Seltz is that the payment button, its awesome, fast, pro and it’s also responsive to us.

How does Selz cost! First off, all, you have a period 14-day trial. Otherwise you can subscribe to several offers :

  • a basic $26
  • a standard $53
  • and an advanced $179


Pricing plans page of Selz


Basically, with each plan upgrade, the number of usable accounts will increase and the Card rates & fees will decrease. For the standard & advanced plan you will have priority support for your various questions

For the demonstration, we will create our first product! We click on add a product in here:

And depending on what you sell, you can choose:

  • physical: if you do dropshipping (to know that it would be necessary after to manually insert your data or with a car but it’s not a problem),
  • digital: you will sell off, videos, etc
  • service: you go to reserve slots or what kind of things

Items page of Selz


So, let’s take the example of this one physical object and that’s it’s nothing more & nothing less than that you’re going to see.

Its magic, so we’ll talk about tee shirt! I put on a t-shirt description, I mark it, say that you sell a t-shirt at $19,90 and that normally he was at $29,90 and or did balances (you can put it free if you are selling free products), you enter the quantity you want and you will have inventory and you can also put the SKU.

Creating tee-shirt page of Selz


You can also handle the shipping for a delivery depending on the weight or to do free shipping..

You can put pictures, accompanied with videos on youtube video or a video vimeo, you will be able to customize do description.you can write everything that you want for a nice description of your product who will make a unique product on sell.

Don’t forget: you have to sell some benefits to the people, you need them to say with this great product you’ll have the class, you will not need to be afraid he will be very good at washing, you will still have it in two years with the same colors I also leave very well with jeans etc…

You will be able to manage categories, classified in variants, you can add more options like variants licenses (if you are selling codes subscription) etc…

Its designed for SEO, if you have a real shop cells, you can to do a beautiful description and meta description.


SEO page of Selz


Just save and you will have your first product on line, at $19,90, with a sold for $29,90.

Then, how does a user see the product?


Product page of Selz


You’re going to click on share and here today. You will be able to have a short link. This link, you will be able to include it in your emails and in your ok button.

What will interest us now it’s from get the sales button!

You will be able to configure as you want to be, you can integrate all on your site and it will display. You may be going to change the color, no matter personally to encourage action you put can the text as you want, you can display the logos of payment.


Button article page of Selz


You can integrate it into the landing pages, you activate express checkout which means that the person will click on and stay on your page and a payment form will appear directly and that’s very powerful because you cut it down a lot the course for the person to draw his bank card on Shopify.

I hope you enjoyed the discovery of SELZ , how it works, what you will be allowed to do, how we can create a product and sell it very high.

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