Cashback is a sum given to Gymoba members when they buy in ours registered online stores.

It is either in the form of a percentage of the amount of the purchase made, or in the form of a fixed amount in USD when subscribing to a monthly subscription, a purchase or a reservation request.

Thus if you make a purchase of 100 euros in a shop offering a 5% cashback, 5 euros will be credited to your Gymoba account as a cashback regardless of the time of year.

Cashback is based on a partnership system with the stores: the amount or percentage of the cashback is determined according to the number of sales made from Gymoba.com. So the more you order through the site, the higher the cashback rate increases.

What is new with Gymoba.com’s cash-back is that you can benefit from cash-back throughout your subscription periods!

For example, if you activate your Click Funnels subscription at $97 per month via Gymoba.com’s cashback offer, your account will be credited monthly with 15% of your subscription.

So over a year, you will get 2 months of subscription in cash back!

It isn’t great ?

Follow these few tips. And above all, contact us in case of doubt, we will always be at your disposal.

1 – Feel free to activate the cashback several times before being redirected to the merchant site and wait for the pages to be fully loaded.

2 – At the browser level: check that it accepts cookies. Disable or remove add-ons that block ads or javascript.

3 – Activate your cashback and complete your order until confirmation without visiting other sites.

4 – Cashback is only applicable if you are redirected from the Gymoba site. If you are not redirected, it means a cashback on pause.