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Hello everybody,

Today, i will present you Answer the public keyword research tool, a really great tool that you can use for finding keyword for your e-commerce website, blog, etc.. and improve your organic taffic with a good SEO.



It’s really cool what you can do with it, you can basically search in any language every keywords you want, in certain region with the free version.

You just have to enter a keyword, any keyword you want and you will have questions that you can use to build content for your website.

Let’s go down here further, it says here “we’re all searching for something” yeah ain’t not the truth right, so let’s see !!

We will enter a keyword here and we can see direction, so we just need to enter keyword…. let’s say…oh, I know… I am a gamer… I love to play video games, so let’s search for something behind that all right…let’s say, for instance, I own a an e-commerce store that sells videogame accessories and I want to specialize in that recently really used to have a “Nintendo Switch”

So, we’re gonna type a “Nintendo Switch”, here in the search bar !!

Yyou can see here, is actually a lot of things here, it’s like a giant map with “Nintendo Switch” being the hub of it and we have different questions based on “What are asking, Where it is,….we’ve got What questions, How questions, When, Who, Which, Will, etcetera…



Let’s go into the “Can section”, here we have a few questions :

  • ·        “Can Nintendo Switch play with ps4”,
  • ·        “Can’t play 3D games”,
  • ·        “Can i played for tonight with xbox”,
  • ·        etc…

These aren’t just questions, these are research terms which is actually pretty useful for generating some content based on answering these terms : it’s a mine of keywords !!


Let’s go on for a lot more !! We’ve got even more comparison, it is comparing a Nintendo switch to another related item for instance :

  • ·        “Nintendo switch and Mario Kart”,
  • ·        “Nintendo switch and Zelda”,
  • ·        “Nintendo switch versus PS4”,
  • ·        “Nintendo switch versus Xbox”,
  • ·        etc


As you can see, this is really really powerful by trying a define search, the results that can be found, in a  center around our main keyword which is Nintendo switch.

We have a lot of terms, futur keyword s, that “Nintendo switch” would immediately proceed. So in the A column, here, we have Nintendo switch with Argos, filled Amazon accessories adverts, Animal Crossing, anything that uses A :



It basically has it burned pretty much every single letter of the alphabet. That’s relevant !!

Let’s go all the way back and take, for example, “Where is Nintendo switch” … You can see, as soon as you click on any of these, it immediately opens up a Google search

So it can actually be use to your advantage !!

An other reason why this is so useful to try Answer the public keyword search for generating content is basically because these are all questions, questions in mind, questions of people want to search for. And, as you can no doubt tell if you would take a closer look, you would see that there is a green line with various shades :



This means is lighter shades are basically things that people don’t really search for too often whereas the darker shades are people things that people search the most !!

You can also save the image for reference or download a CSV !!

There is also a GoPros feature. As you can see, there are only really two plans, a free one and a pro one :

·        we’ve got free which is basically what we’re using know it has total use but has unlimited searches language and location-based results

·        and a $99/month for agencies professional SEO people pros marketers



If you’re a solo marketer that you just want to generate a few content ideas, Free is a really good choice !!

So don’t waste the energy to brainstorm, all you really need to know is the keyword that you want to generate content about are in Answer the public keyword research tool !!

If you want to go on a Pro plan, here the cash back you can have 15% cash back, every month of your first subscription year.


Thanks Gymoba.