I want a drugstore, not a pharmacy

The pharma giant Turing Pharmaceuticals is planning to launch its own online pharmacy in a move that could boost sales of its branded generic drugs.

The pharmacy will be part of the company’s effort to get its drugs to more consumers, including those in need of cheaper generic versions of the drugs.

According to Reuters, Turing Pharmaceutical will launch its new online pharmacy on Nov. 1, a few weeks after it reported record revenue.

The news comes as other major pharmaceutical companies have announced they are also looking to make their own online pharmacies.

A number of other large pharmaceutical companies, including Novartis AG and Pfizer AG, have announced plans to launch their own generic versions. 

The company’s move will be significant for the pharmacy, which has already received regulatory approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA’s approval allows pharmacies to sell generics of some of the same drugs that Turing Pharmaceutical sells, including its branded products, such as Celebrex, the anti-malarial drug.

The company said it would be able to sell the generic versions for $80 a day, which is a significant discount from the current $100 a day that it charges. 

But the pharmacy’s launch is just the latest in a string of drug companies expanding online pharmacies to reach more patients.

Other companies have also launched their own generics through a combination of the FDA approval and advertising campaigns, according to The Next Wires, an online news site.

The site reported that there are more than 700 drug companies in the US that sell generic versions, but only about a dozen have launched their generic drugs in a pharmacy.

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