When the stock market hits new highs, what’s next for President Trump?

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump was greeted by a crowd of supporters in front of the Capitol, waving flags and holding signs that read “Make America Great Again” and “We Love America.”

The president then walked through the Capitol’s halls and onto the West Front of the White House.

He gave a speech on his first full day in office.

But just hours later, he was back in his New York City office, where he was surrounded by reporters.

“I will be taking some time away from the public spotlight, but I want to make sure that you are not in any doubt about what is going to happen next,” Trump said, according to a transcript.

“As of this moment, there is a very big market rally.

That rally will go on for quite some time, maybe a few weeks.

And the people who are in charge of that market are going to have to make some decisions.”

Trump made clear that he is not done with the stock markets.

He tweeted that he will “continue to hold the Dow up,” which was down about 20% after the start of the year.

“It is a terrible mistake to be in the market, but as long as I am, the Dow is going up.”

He also tweeted that the Dow will “truly explode” on Friday.

Trump is the only president to hold stocks during the economic downturn, and he has made several promises to keep the market up during that time.

The president, who has been criticized for his handling of the crisis, has repeatedly called the market’s decline a “disaster.”

But the stock rally will likely have some serious consequences for the markets as they have been one of the biggest drivers of Trump’s approval ratings during his presidency.

He has said repeatedly that he wants the economy to improve.

Trump has said he wants to bring back the gold standard, which was scrapped by the Federal Reserve in 2008, and replace it with a more stable currency.

He also wants to lower taxes and spend less money, and has proposed a tax overhaul that would eliminate a lot of deductions and loopholes.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) closed down 2.76% on Wednesday.

The Standard & Poor’s 500 index fell 0.6%.

The Nasdaq Composite index rose 1.4%.

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