Why do so many people love green market?

The green market is a hot topic for Toronto residents and is still being discussed as the city seeks to build a green-energy economy.

But the topic has come to the fore more in recent months as the City of Toronto looks to diversify its economy away from fossil fuels. 

A green market in Toronto is usually a big deal, says Dan McLean, president of the Toronto Environmental Alliance, a non-profit group.

It’s a sign of a city that is going to be successful in the future, McLean says. 

It’s important for the city to be investing in sustainable economic development, he says.

For decades, Toronto has had a long history of attracting businesses that are green-fueled.

“The green market can be the catalyst for people to move in and be environmentally conscious,” McLean said.

“It’s something that is very common in the Canadian economy, in many ways.”

A study by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency last year found that Ontario is the only province in the country where the number of green-market permits in the past 10 years had been greater than in the previous 10.

The study found that in Ontario alone, 2.2 million people were using a green market.

McLean said the green market provides an opportunity to meet the needs of those who live in neighbourhoods with high concentrations of single-family homes.

It’s a place to sell, he said, and one that’s also a good place to get groceries.

According to the report, the green-markets are also a safe haven for people who may be vulnerable to contracting illnesses, such as influenza or respiratory illnesses.

They also have a wide variety of foods to choose from.

In recent years, the city has also invested in green-field initiatives, such a green roof, green roofs for new developments and a green wall on Queen Street West.

But a lot of the success of the green markets has come from the companies that are operating them.

David Daves, owner of Daves Market, an outdoor market, says he doesn’t expect much change in the near future.

Daves says that although the greenmarket has changed, he’s seeing fewer people in the area.

That’s because he’s working on a project that will create a green space for the community.

He’s also looking to expand the market into a second store.

“There are a lot more people who are looking to come into our market because we’re a big market and we’re not going to give up any space,” Daves said.

He hopes that when he opens his second store, it will be a place that people can go and see the difference that the green space makes.

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