When the West Side Market goes dark, we’ll need a new slogan

A new trend in urban markets is for markets to go dark, or to be shut down completely.

And, in some cases, that’s exactly what is happening in Sydney, with an unusual situation happening in the west side of the city.

A number of markets in the CBD are shut down in an effort to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

This is happening around the time that the coronavalve is expected to hit Sydney.

The City of Sydney has closed many markets across the city, including those in the inner-city, and it’s also shut down some of its busiest markets in western Sydney, including the Eastwood Market, where it is closed.

The West Side Markets in the Inner-City is closed until 10pm on Tuesday, July 17.

Market Manager of the Westside Markets, Tony Tannock, said it was an important time for the market to close, especially for those in Sydney who were affected by the coronave.

“The market was one of the main drawcards for the city and so we are trying to make sure that we get the market open and that it’s as safe as possible for people to go in and visit,” he said.

Tannock said it would also be important to keep people away from the outer city areas of the CBD, which is where the coronovirus was most prevalent.

“The main reason why we closed it is because we had a lot of people in the outer suburbs who were going to visit the West End and we needed to ensure that people were not going to go to the inner city,” he told ABC Radio Sydney.

“We were also really concerned about how much our business would be affected by how much people were staying at home.”

He said the market had not been able to attract new customers because of the shutdown.

“A lot of our members are people who are very sick and people who had the coronava or they are just very concerned and concerned about their own health,” he explained.

“And so we felt it was a good time to take it down, so we can really focus on what we need to do to make the market more accessible.”

Tannocks Market is one of many markets in Sydney that are closed for the coronaves.

Many markets are closed down because of a new coronaviruses strain called the Marburg virus, which has been found in the virus in samples taken from people in Australia.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) said there was no evidence that the strain of Marburg is a threat to people.

However, the virus is highly contagious, and many people who were infected by the virus will pass it on to others.

Tannicks Market closed on Sunday, July 14.

It is not yet clear when the WestSide Market will reopen.

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