How to spot a bad interview in a tweet: the latest trending topics

India is a nation of selfie-loving social media addicts, with people posting their candid selfies in nearly every online space.

While the selfie craze is well-documented, this year’s #SelfieWeek saw the emergence of a new hashtag, #MeToo.

It has spawned an endless number of memes and memes that were posted across social media platforms on Friday, with many people posting selfies in their posts that they claim to have taken in a number of countries around the world.

According to a survey conducted by the National Commission for Women, which tracks trends in women’s empowerment, selfie-takers in India have been making their voices heard.

The commission conducted a survey in March and April and found that selfie-taking is gaining popularity in India, particularly among the young generation.

The survey found that 75 per cent of selfie makers in the age group of 25 to 34 years are selfie-users.

“We have seen a sharp rise in selfies in the last few months,” said a commission spokesperson.

“It is very clear that the #MeToOla trend is getting traction, with selfies being taken by more than two crore people across the country,” she added.

However, the #SelfiesToMe movement seems to be having its first-ever effect in India.

While selfie-shaming is not new in India – in fact, it was banned in 2016, following complaints from some women – the popularity of the hashtag seems to have had a big impact on the selfie trend.

A photo of a selfie posted on social media by an Indian woman has gone viral.

(Source: Twitter/@santuva)A few days ago, a photo of an Indian women posing with her selfie was shared by her followers on Twitter.

The photo showed her holding a selfie stick in her hand, which she took while walking.

While it was shared widely across social networking sites, many users took a dig at her.

“Your selfie stick is fake.

And you are not from here.

You are a selfie addict.

And who is the one who made the selfie stick?

You are fake.,” said one user.

A selfie-sharing app was also found to have been responsible for the surge in the popularity, and users have also started posting selfies to their Facebook pages.

“I have been using it for the last three days and it has made me a lot more aware of selfie addiction.

I am not the only one,” wrote another.

While selfies are popular across the world, many Indian users have been taking selfies on social networking platforms.

According to a poll conducted by research firm iResearch, Indians are the most likely to share selfies on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

(Image credit: iResearch)But the #MySelfieChallenge campaign is not only for selfie-lovers.

It is also meant to help people with disabilities.

“This is a great opportunity for people who are visually impaired to take selfies in a way that they can be proud of,” said Anita Jain, founder of My Selfie.

“People have started taking selfies for the first time, and this is a way for them to show their disability,” she said.

According an iResearch survey, the majority of selfie users in India are women.

“Many people who have seen the photos on social networks, are feeling very sad.

But I believe that the majority will be happy when they take selfies for other people,” Jain added.

“When people take selfies, it is like being a part of a collective.

I think the #IChallenge will be a great start to inspire people to take their selfie too,” she also said.

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