How to cook a risotto and rice meal at home with no sauce

When you’re craving a little taste of Japanese cooking, it’s a good idea to make a rice meal instead of rice.

Rice is typically served with a noodle, which is cooked with broth and then tossed with fish sauce.

Here are some tips on how to make one yourself, with no pressure to throw in sauces or fish sauce:  1.

Wash the rice to get rid of the water. 

The easiest way to get the water out of the rice is to chop it in half.

Chop it in the middle and then scoop out the water with a spoon. 


Put the rice into a container that has a lid. 

Make sure the rice has a big opening so you can get all the air out. 


In a pot of boiling water, add the noodles. 

Put a few drops of oil in the bottom of the pot. 


Add the fish sauce and cook for about two minutes. 


When the fish is cooked, take a spoonful and pour the sauce over the rice. 


Add some rice noodles if you’re making rice noodle soup. 


Top with a little more fish sauce, if you like. 


Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on top of the sauce and serve with a side of rice noodles.


How to make rice noodles at home at home      1.

Cut up a small red bell pepper. 

This is the size of a quarter. 

If you’re a little bigger, you can trim it off a little bit and add the bell pepper to the rice bowl. 


Cut a carrot. 

Cut the carrot into about half-inch slices. 


Chop a bunch of celery. 

Chop a lot of the leaves off of a bunch. 


Chop up some cabbage. 

Add the cabbage to the pot of rice and cook it for a minute or two. 


Chop the bell peppers and celery and then add the cabbage, bell pepper and celeriac to the bowl.


Add a little vinegar and some hot sauce to the water, and stir well.


Add rice noodles and stir. 


Top the rice with the noodles and serve. 


Put a little fish sauce on top if you want. 


Throw in a few fish sauce drops and some fish sauce to get it all together. 


Serve with a big bowl of noodles. 12.

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