What the world wants from Donald Trump

A number of people in the United States and Europe are calling for a Donald Trump presidency to make it easier for them to buy and sell stocks.

The markets have been a battleground since Trump won the US presidency in November.

In the wake of the election, the US stock market has been hammered and has seen some of the biggest declines since 2009.

Many people in Europe are hoping that Trump can make the market more like the United Kingdom, where the UK voted for Brexit in a referendum that triggered the exit of the EU.

Trump has promised to make the US more open, but has also promised to restrict immigration and impose tariffs on imports from countries such as China.

“The only way to stop Brexit is for Trump to get out of office and make it so it’s a trade deal that will benefit the US and the rest of the world,” said Stefanie Leiboldt, a 27-year-old student in the city of Leipzig.

Leibolddt, who has not yet bought a stock, said she had not seen much of a rise in the stock market since Brexit.

“It’s been pretty flat for the last few months.

There’s been no significant move,” she said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President Donald Trump speak in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, DC, U.S., January 29, 2021.

REUTERS/Kevin LamarqueGerman Chancellor Merkel said on Tuesday that Trump should take part in a summit with the leaders of other major economies, such as Canada and Mexico, to try and revive the stock markets.

“We need a summit that will be an opportunity to have a good discussion on the global economy,” Merkel said during a visit to Germany.

Merkel also said that the UK should take a hard line against China, saying that the country had been making “dangerous moves” with its trade policies.

The markets are already feeling the effects of Brexit.

On Monday, the S&P 500 fell more than 8 percent on concerns that Brexit could be a turning point in the global financial markets.

It was not immediately clear if Trump would attend.

Trump, who campaigned on a vow to make America great again, said on Monday he would “absolutely” take a seat at the table at the G20 summit in Germany, which is to be held in Hamburg, but did not rule out visiting his hometown of Bedminster, New Jersey, where he has his golf course.

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