The next big tech IPO could be Google – Marketson

Newsnight has learned that one of the next big technology IPO’s could be the one from Google.

The technology giant has been heavily courting investors for months and the talks are set to begin next week.

Newsnight understands that Google is looking to raise at least $1 billion for the IPO.

This is a huge sum for the tech giant, which has been on a roll since the launch of its internet search platform, Google Maps.

With Google’s growth spurt and Google’s search engine dominating the market, Newsnight can’t see this as a big deal for the company.

The biggest obstacle is that Google would need to raise $1bn from a large number of investors to take off.

It’s unlikely that Google could raise this much cash in a short period of time given its struggles.

However, Newsweek understands that the Google board is keen to bring in investors who can help the company achieve its vision of being a leading technology company.

Newsweek can confirm that there is interest from a number of large companies.

These include Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft’s Xbox division.

The deal would give Google access to the Xbox division’s huge resources.

Microsoft has previously said it would consider buying Google for $1.4 billion.

Newswires understands that there are also interest from Facebook and other major technology companies.

Facebook has been courting large investors and investors are increasingly interested in the company’s growth and ambitions.

Google is not the only technology company interested in buying Google.

Microsoft, which already owns a large stake in the search giant, has also been courted by potential buyers.

Google also recently raised an additional $1,000 million from Goldman Sachs.

Google is expected to announce a formal announcement in the next few weeks.

This would be a big boost for the search firm.

However Google’s new venture is just one step in its search business.

It has also invested in other search businesses, including its own Bing search engine, as well as its video search and social networking services.

The search giant also recently invested $2 billion in LinkedIn, a social network which has over one billion members.

The stock is currently trading at around $52 a share.

News on the news: Newsnight reports that Google has also signed a deal with Apple to use its search engine in iOS devices.

Apple is reportedly planning to launch its own search app for the Apple TV in 2018.

The announcement is expected later this year.

Newsnight also reveals that Apple is investing more than $500 million in its video streaming service, Apple TV.

Newsstands has reported that the video service is expected for release later this month.

If you’re not already watching Newsnight on BBC iPlayer, you can now do so at this link.

You can also watch Newsnight for free on BBC One or on the BBC News Channel.

More from Newsnight: Newsweek understands Google has been in discussions with Microsoft for some time and is keen on acquiring the company for a higher valuation.

It is also understood that Microsoft has been seeking investment from major technology players to help the tech firm reach its vision for a top tech company.

The Google deal will allow the company to access the massive resources of the Xbox, which it owns.

Microsoft is also keen on investing in the video streaming services that Apple has recently launched, such as the Bing video search engine and the AppleTV video service.

Newsnow reports that Microsoft will be investing in these video services as well.

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