The fish market is in the market

Fishing is back in the African market after a brief hiatus.

That’s according to the World Fishing Federation, which reports the market is now up by about 60 percent since last year.

“The market has not yet returned to its normal level,” said WFDF director of international operations Peter Lips.

“It has been quite the opposite in recent months.

And it’s not just the fish market, there’s also a lot of people fishing in the surrounding waters, such as fishing in water close to the coast, as well as in coastal waters and rivers.”

But the market’s resurgence is not likely to last.

“In the last year and a half, there have been quite a lot more fish catches,” Lips told CNN.

“There’s just a lot less fish being caught.”

In the past, fishing was a key part of Africa’s economy.

In some countries, it was even a national sport.

But with the advent of the digital age, fishing has become increasingly commoditized and the traditional practices of fishing, including trapping and the sale of caught fish, have been increasingly abandoned.

A few African nations, including Burkina Faso and Niger, are now taking a more active role in promoting the conservation of marine species.

Fishing has been a way for communities to keep tabs on the health of their rivers and lakes.

But the rise of internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, GPS devices and drones have also made fishing even more difficult.

The African Union and the World Wildlife Fund, which has been spearheading efforts to promote conservation in Africa, have also called on African governments to improve fish catches.

The UN and African Union have also launched an effort to improve the health and well-being of marine life, but it remains unclear if the latest fishing statistics will bring an end to the practice.

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