When your food tastes like an old school pizza

In 2018, the number of pizza shops that serve pizza has risen from 1,400 to 1,600 in the UK, according to figures from the Association of Pizza Delivery Operators.

But that’s not the only pizza chain to have made a huge leap.

Take KFC, which recently introduced the brand new “Wet Market”, a service which will make your food taste like an older-school pizza.

The new product will be available at some of KFC’s UK stores from August, and it will cost £10 per pound.

“We’re launching Wet Market as a way to bring back a taste of the past,” a spokesperson told the BBC.

“In order to recreate that feeling of a traditional pizza, we’ve developed a process of cooking our pizza to help recreate the flavours and textures of our pizza past.

This process allows us to recreate the texture and flavour of our traditional pies, and offer a fresh taste for your dining experience.”

KFC is currently testing the Wet Market product in its UK stores, and has not yet announced any other details about the product.

The Wet Market also has a similar concept in Europe, with the new Italian chain La Crociere.

In the UK the chain has sold its traditional bread for €2.49 ($2.75) per slice since it opened its doors in 2009.

But the Wet Markets are also being rolled out in Spain and Germany.

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