Which country is most likely to get its first AI?

A year ago, the world’s leading research firm Gartner predicted that China would surpass the US as the world leader in artificial intelligence.

Now, the US is the biggest user of AI, overtaking the UK and France as the second biggest user.

India, however, has a much smaller population than China.

The research firm has said that by 2020, India’s AI market could reach $4.8 billion and that by 2021 it could overtake China as the third-largest AI market after the US and France.

The US, meanwhile, has about $3.5 billion of AI-related sales.

India’s AI research sector is among the most important in the world, said Vinay Kumar, the chief technology officer at India’s largest software company, Cognizant.

In India, the number of companies making AI software and devices is larger than in most developed countries.

“We are leading in the field, but we have to compete with China,” he said.

India has invested more in the development of AI technology than any other country in the past two decades, said Rohit Kumar, a senior vice president at SAP.

The country has also seen a rise in artificial-intelligence software and services companies in recent years.

“The number of AI startups is growing faster than the market,” said Amit Srivastava, founder of a software company called Bigdata Analytics, which develops artificial-learning tools for cloud services.

The world’s second largest economy is also home to some of the world´s most powerful AI systems, with the likes of Google, Amazon and Microsoft, among others, all using AI.

India has also made major strides in artificial learning, which is used in all kinds of tasks, from building cloud computing to developing robotics.

India leads the world in research and development of artificial intelligence (AI), with about $2.5 trillion in AI-based software and hardware and about $5 trillion of research and software.

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