Why are these two money markets so expensive?

It was around 3am on Saturday night and the house at the corner of the road in Rancho Market was quiet.

The two banks that held the money were empty.

But the housekeeper was in a hurry to pay the bills, so she grabbed a note from her purse and handed it to her boyfriend, Sergio Hernandez, as he was about to leave for work.

The note read: ‘Please call my bank.’

His reply: ‘Sure, why not?’

The note was then sent to the money market rate.

He received the money in a plastic bag, then handed it back to the note-taker.

The note was still on the counter, untouched.

But Sergio Hernandez was worried about a few things.

First, he had never heard of the money markets.

Second, the rates were not in his name.

Third, the bank was full.

Fourth, he could not afford the high rates.

Five minutes later, he got a call from the bank telling him the bank’s branch in San Antonio had received a suspicious note.

It was from the rancho and was addressed to the bank in question.

The bank said the note had been left on the table and the notes were not registered to Sergio Hernandez.

He checked the note against the bills he was due, but could not confirm whether it was the same as the note.

He was then told the bank would be contacting the branch manager to report it.

But as soon as Sergio Hernandez called, he heard that the bank had already reported the suspicious note to the police.

He called the bank again and again.

He called the police station.

The police officer there said that the note was registered to a woman and it was suspicious.

So he called the sheriff’s office and asked for a copy of the note so he could verify it.

But he was told the note did not exist.

Sergio Hernandez has been a regular customer at the moneymarket rate in Ranchos market for almost a year.

He said he would have paid the rate but the bank just refused to give it to him.

He now has to wait for another bank to process the money.

He said that in the past, people would just sit in the car and wait to see what would happen.

But now they are getting frustrated.

Sgt. Joe Lippens, a police spokesman, said the money-market rate is an “important tool” that helps local businesses, businesses that do not have bank branches, and people who do not like to wait in long lines.

It is very common to have customers who have to wait more than 15 minutes to get their money back.

It is something we should be using, said Lippents.

The money-markets are also a way for businesses to raise money, and they have helped to raise about $8 million in the last few years, said Hernandez.

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