Israel announces second major solar project at ‘world’s largest market’

Israel has announced a second major project at the world’s largest solar market, which has the potential to be one of the world’ largest solar markets by 2020.

The Ministry of Finance announced the signing of a contract for the construction of a 200 MW solar energy plant at the Haifa solar park, which was set up in 2016.

Haifa solar plant: In a statement on its website, Haifa said that the project will increase the country’s capacity to generate 20% of its electricity by 2020 and will be the largest solar project in the country.

The company said that it has secured a government loan of around $1.5 billion, with an interest rate of 10%, from the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

The project is being built on the site of the old Haifa market, where the Haifaz solar power plant was constructed in 2008.

It is the largest project of its kind in Israel, Haifazi said.

The Haifa plant is a joint venture between Haifa and Solar City, a company that is the first Israeli developer to win a major contract to build solar power plants in the Middle East and Africa.

The site was initially designed for Haifa’s existing power plant, which is now being phased out.

The solar power system will be installed by Haifa-based company Vivid Energy, which will be able to produce power for more than 100,000 homes in the Haifi area, Haifi City Mayor Shlomo Sagi said in a statement.

Haifaz said the project is expected to generate 5.6 MW of solar energy.

It will cost around $20 million to build the project, which the company expects to start operating in 2020, Haifeaz said.

Israel has a large solar power market.

Solar energy is expected for about half of its total electricity needs by 2020, the company said.

Development Is Supported By

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