How to find the best Mexican Markets in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California — — The city is home to some of the world’s largest and most diverse markets, and one of the most coveted places in the country for people seeking out foreign food.

Here are the top markets to visit in L.A.A., and where to find them: 1.

Los Angeles Market District — Market District Market Area: 880 Market St., Los Angeles — Los Angeles County is home of the Los Angeles market district, which stretches across a swath of downtown Los Angeles and across the Westside.

L.L.A.’s biggest and best grocery store, L.C. Gourmet Market, is in the heart of the city, and the Market District is one of L.AC’s premier markets.

It is also a destination for the LA Weekly and other publications, and many local bars and restaurants cater to the city’s burgeoning foodie scene.

LADOT and the City of Los Angeles have a partnership to develop L.D.A.-centric L.P.R.D., a comprehensive plan for revitalizing the Market and other neighborhoods along the citywide corridor.


Market Street Food Market — Market Street Market Area and South Market Street: 617 Market St. and 835 South Market St, Los Angeles.

— This is a shopping district that is also home to the L.R.’s Food Market, which is home primarily to the famous Market and Market District.

The Market District has been named the top market in the world for food by the New York Times.


Los Santos Market — Los Santos District: 1 North Market St and 805 North Market Street, Los Santos — Los Castros are home to many foodies and other local people, and a wide range of food offerings is available.

Many local bars offer a wide selection of Mexican, Asian, and Chinese cuisine.


El Camino Real – The El Caminos – Los Angeles- Long Beach- Orange County area — Located in Southern California’s L.O.B., the El Caminos, a neighborhood in the Los Padres-Long Beach-Orange County area, is home most of the cuisine, from classic Mexican to contemporary Asian, Mediterranean and French.

El camino real is a street food market that features a wide variety of street foods.


San Pedro Market – San Pedro District: 595 San Pedro St., San Pedro, California, — The San Pedro Street Market, one of Long Beach’s top food destinations, is known for its Mexican food.

The El Paso Street Market is a popular destination for a variety of food from local farms and restaurants, along with specialty street food from other parts of the county.


San Gabriel Market -San Gabriel District: 1116 San Gabriel St., Pasadena, California– Located in the foothills of the Santa Barbara Mountains, the San Gabriel Street Market was the first to bring street food to Southern California and the nation.

Many restaurants have opened up here, and it is one the best places to find street food in Los Angels.


La Brea Tar Pits – La Breast Tar PITS Market Area & South Tar Pitches: 1015 La Bre, La Bre

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