Which market is the best in Australia?

Capital market analysts at the Capital Markets and Trade Centre of Australia say the top five markets are Chelsea Market, Capital Market Market, State Street, Melbourne Market and Central Coast.

Key points:The capital markets centre says the top markets in the country are Chelan Market, Central Coast, Melbourne market and Melbourne market capitalMarket data is based on the latest figures and the markets have been broken down into five regions, with each region accounting for a smaller percentage of the overall marketCapital Markets Centre chief executive officer Ian Kremers says Chelan is the most valuable of the five markets in terms of valueThe capital market centre says Central Coast is the least valuable of all the markets, accounting for less than 2.5 per cent of the market and has been labelled the most valued market in Australia Capital Markets Centre executive director Tim Broughton says the Central Coast markets have had an unusually high return to capital from the housing boom since the downturnCapital Markets and Market Centre chief economist Mark McGlashan says the market has been particularly volatile over the past year with the recent move away from buying residential property to other investments.

“Chelan has had a very good run,” Mr McGlashesan said.

“I would say Central Coast has been pretty good.”

It’s a market that has been well capitalised.

“Central Coast has also been the market where the capital markets have come to the rescue.”

The top five capital markets centres across Australia are Chelias Market, Chelan, Central, Central and Melbourne, Mr Kremiers said.

Mr McGlashedan said the Central coast had the highest share of investment in the market with a share of around 5 per cent.

“That’s very good,” Mr Krems said.

The Central Coast also had the largest share of property sales in the capital market, accounting to a greater than 70 per cent share of all property sales, he said.

This year, there has been a massive increase in investment in Central Coast properties, which has been followed by a huge fall in the value of the residential market, he added.

“The capital city is the second-largest market in the nation, so the city of Melbourne is the third-largest city in the world and it’s not like the capital city hasn’t been in the news quite a lot over the last couple of years.”

Market data shows the Central and Eastern markets have both been relatively volatile since the financial crisis and in recent months, the two have been the most volatile markets in Australia.

Mr Kremors said the market was a market where there was a lot of speculation and a lot going on around the property market.

“We have a lot more speculation in the property sector than in other markets,” he said, pointing out there was no real data on how much money people were investing in the local property market compared to other markets.

“In the last 12 months, we have had almost a 20 per cent fall in residential property in the region,” Mr Broughsons chief economist said.

Market data has also shown the Central/Eastern market has had the most volatility of any of the markets in recent years, with property values having been hit by the housing market.

However, there is no data for the Capital Market Centre on the relative volatility of the three markets.

Mr Broughson said the recent decline in property values was not all on the housing sector, with the other two markets, Central/Western and Eastern, having the lowest level of volatility.

“There is some speculation going on in Central/Northern markets,” Mr McGlashesan told ABC News Breakfast.

“But the market overall is fairly stable.”

Capital Markets chief economist Tim Brawtons says the Capital markets have seen a strong bounce back in recent quarters, with more money coming in from investors.

“Over the last year and a half, the Capital market has seen a substantial increase in investor activity in the last three months, with a particularly strong return to equity from the property markets,” his chief executive said.

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