How to watch the big day in the markets today: CNBC’s Joe Kernen takes a look at what’s in store…

Today is the day of the big, big trading day, as investors will be looking for ways to hedge their exposure to the U.S. economy.

A lot of traders are going to want to lock in their positions as quickly as possible, but not everyone has the time or the capital to invest.

“You’ve got to be patient,” said Jon Miller, a senior economist at TD Ameritrade, who noted that it’s also important to take a look for a trade that’s trending or trending as well.

“I don’t think you should panic just because you’re not seeing a big change.

The next big trade might be on the other side of the market.”

Miller also said that you can expect a significant amount of volume during the day, with traders looking to make big trades that will have big effects on the markets.

But what to do if you do get caught short?

If you want to buy into the market, you might want to look at your portfolio, as there are lots of stocks and ETFs out there that offer a lot of exposure.

For instance, Miller said the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index ETF has more than 10,000 ETFs, many of which are trading at $30 or less.

You also might want the option of trading in ETFs in your portfolio.

If that’s not possible, Miller suggested you may want to take advantage of a diversified portfolio, such as a 401(k) plan or a qualified mutual fund.

In a typical day, the S&P 500 Indexes and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are trading close to each other at a price of $25 or higher, respectively.

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